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Optimizing Apache in High-Traffic Servers

Problems: ~~~~~~~~~ There are a few common things that can cause server load problems. One of the common problem is: too many processes (or runaway processes) using too much RAM Solutions: Improve Apache’s RAM Usage ~~~~~~~~~ Directives: 1. Reduce wasted processes by tweaking KeepAlive KeepAliveTimeout is the amount of time a process sits around doing […]

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Disable mod_security for an individual account ?

Mod_security is an open source Apache module. This can be considered as firewall for web applications. It secures the system from the attackers. We use mod_security1 for Apache1.x and Apache 2.x uses mod_security2. In case of mod_security1, we can disable it for a domain using the .htaccess file. If you want to disable mod_sec for […]


500 internal server error while uploading files bigger then 100kb – mod_fcgid problem

500 internal server error while uploading files bigger then 100kb – mod_fcgid problem When the PHP handler is fast cgi, even if the post_max_size and upload_max_filesize are set to 20mb, when we upload a file say 20 MB via any application in our website, the site shows a 500 error. The Apache error log will […]


mod_rewrite Not Working in .htaccess

Here is the solution along with how you can debug mod_rewrite problems. Debugging procedure: Add these two line to your httpd.conf immediately after RewriteEngine On. RewriteLog “/var/log/httpd/rewrite_log” RewriteLogLevel 9 After that I added the required RewriteRule etc. The reason for testing directly in httpd.conf is to ensure that mod_rewrite is working in the first place. […]

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