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Loadcheck script

================================================================= #!/bin/bash # # LoadCheck # Raj #——————————————————————– # #—–General-Configs———————————————— #general log name logn=$(date +”%m-%d-%H:%M.log”) #Path to the directory that will hold all logs logp=”/loadscripts/logs” #Path to file that is created for the email report loge=”/loadscripts/lastlog” #Script path – not needed – for later use scriptp= #—–Hard-Drive—————————————————— #Do we want to minitor hard drive usages? […]

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Usefull Scripts

script_to_chk_load_in_all_containers for x in $(vzlist -a | awk ‘{print $1}’) ; do  vzlist -a | grep $x  && vzctl exec $x w ;echo -e \n;done Determine the number of established and time_wait TCP connections on the server —————————————- netstat -an | grep tcp | egrep -i ‘established|time_wait’ | wc -l —————————————- How do you list […]

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cPanel Backup Script

#!/bin/bash ls /var/cpanel/users | grep ‘^a’ > a.txt cat ./a.txt | while read CPUSER; do echo “Now processing ${CPUSER} …” /scripts/pkgacct ${CPUSER} done The below script should help to force backups for particular domains on server .  Line  “ls /var/cpanel/users | grep ‘^a’ > a.txt ” copies account names starting with alphabet a to a […]

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How to migrate a website from addon domain(or subdomain) to main domain or vice versa

How to migrate a website from addon domain( or subdomain) to main domain or vice versa =================================================== 1. Download all emails under the account to be migrated using a mail client like outlook express 2. Download files backup & database backup of addon domain(or subdomain or main domain) with the help of a developer 3. […]



Replacing it with IT ========================= s—substitute command sed ‘s/it/IT/’ /root/test Please chek if you can do IT Replacing /usr/local/bin /common/bin ========================= sed ‘s/\/usr\/local\/bin/\/common\/bin/’  /root/secondone /common/bin sed ‘s:/usr/local/bin:/common/bin:’ /root/secondone /common/bin # sed ‘s_/usr/local/bin_/common/bin_’ /root/secondone /common/bin # sed ‘s|/usr/local/bin|/common/bin|’ /root/secondone /common/bin Deleting line conatining Good from file d–delet sed ‘/Good /d ‘ /root/thirdone Have a great day […]

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How to enable domain keys and SPF records in cPanel server?

Domain keys: DomainKeys is an e-mail authentication system designed to verify the DNS domain of an e-mail sender and the message integrity. Using the following command we can enable domain keys for domains in cPanel server. === /usr/local/cpanel/bin/domain_keys_installer username where, username is the username of the domain. === Command to install Domain keys for all […]

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Helpful Urls for linux support

How do I Find Out Linux CPU Utilization? Linux System Monitoring Tools Every SysAdmin Should Know Emergency DOS or DDOS stopping script for Linux How to stop Small DDOS attacks (Some basic security advice) Usefull Documentation regarding the Linux Support

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