Steps to configure spamassassin from the Webmin control panel

Following are the steps used to configure SpamAssassin from the Webmin control panel.

1) Login to the Webmin control panel.
2) Select the option “Servers”.
3) Click on the option “SpamAssassin Mail Filter”.
From here you can configure SpamAssassin mail filter in the server, using the
following options.
Allowed and Denied Addresses :

The tables on this page allow you to specify From: and To: addresses for email that is always or never categorized as spam. Any other email will be processed as normal by SpamAssassin’s rules. Based on the from and to address of mails you can configure SpamAssassin here.

Spam Classification :

SpamAssassin assigns a score to each message based on its content and headers. The options on this page determine the score above which a message is considered spam.

Header and Body Tests :

This page allows you to define additional tests that SpamAssassin will apply to email, based on message headers, the body content, URLs found in the body.

Procmail Spam Delivery :

The form can be used to change the Procmail configuration that determines what happens to messages classified as spam.

Message Modification :

The options on this page control the modifications that SpamAssassin makes to the headers and body of all messages that it analyzes, and modifications that it makes to those classified as spam.

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