SRV record

What is SRV record? How to add SRV entry in DNS zone file?

A Service record (SRV record) is a specification of data in the Domain Name System defining the location, i.e. the host name and port number, of servers for specified services.

An SRV record has the form: TTL class SRV priority weight port target
service: the symbolic name of the desired service.

proto: the transport protocol of the desired service; this is usually either TCP or UDP.

name: the domain name for which this record is valid.

TTL: standard DNS time to live field.

class: standard DNS class field (this is always IN).

priority: the priority of the target host, lower value means more preferred.

weight: A relative weight for records with the same priority.

port: the TCP or UDP port on which the service is to be found.

target: the canonical host name of the machine providing the service.

Example: 14400 IN SRV 0 5 443

Retrieving an SRV record:
$ dig SRV

$ host -t SRV

$ nslookup -type=srv

$ nslookup

> set type=srv


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