Set up custom nameservers on a dedicated server or VPS

You will require 2 IPs, and a dedicated server or VPS to complete this task.

For this example we will be using and as our nameservers. We can then use WHM to assign these IPs to our domain nameservers. Login to WHM, these details are usually provided in your welcome email.

Once logged in to WHM, the link at the very top titled “Basic cPanel/WHM Setup” is where we want to go, click on this link. Once on this page, scroll down until you find the entry titled “Primary Nameserver.”

For your primary nameserver, enter “” and then choose to “Assign IP Address” using the button to the left, make note of the IP address assigned to this nameserver. And then follow through the button to complete the “Add an A entry for this nameserver” process. Afterwards, enter for your “Secondary Nameserver” (next box down) “” and then continue with “Assign IP Address” to the left of this entry, make note of the IP address assigned to this nameserver, and then continue with the “Add an A entry for this nameserver” process using the link to the left of the entry.

Once this is complete, you will have the server side configuration completed, and you will now have IPs assigned to your nameservers, such as: IP: IP:

This you will need to take to your domain registrar. This last step can vary greatly from registrar to registrar, so these steps may be different at your registrar.

Login to your registrar and bring up your domain, you need to add Child Name servers or Glue Records (name will vary from registar to registrar. You will need to add 2: -> ->

NOTE: This is not the same as changing the name servers for the domain itself, but rather adding the name servers so they can be used with other domains.

Propagation of new name servers can take up to 72 hours for new name servers.

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